Data Backup & Recovery

No more trouble from damaged or deleted files when they’re replicated in real time.

Many small- and mid-sized businesses go into a slump after a storm, flood, fire, or theft knocks their servers offline. This is because they haven’t prepared a means to get things back online quickly -- or at all. In the latter case, it’s practically assured that there will be chaos as they try to get their data and software systems functioning again.

How long would your company survive without its data and software systems? We don’t have to tell you that without them your employees won’t be able to work, and that your customers will be the first ones to notice. But with an NBS backup & recovery plan, files and folders will be saved, secured, and ready as soon as the power comes back on.

Data protection must be taken seriously

Natural and manmade disasters don’t arrive according to a schedule. That’s why you need to be prepared for them at all times, and “always on” data backups in conjunction with a clear post-disaster recovery plan is the way to do it.

NBS’s Data Backup & Recovery plans provide:

  • Airtight archives that ensure data integrity & longevity
  • Continual updating of the backup hardware & software
  • Quick recoveries thanks to cloud-based storage options
  • Certified data experts to handle maintenance & support for you
  • Peace of mind from knowing that downtime won’t cripple your business

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