Robust network protections ensure company data can’t be hacked by online attackers.

Simply connecting to the Internet puts your organization at risk of hackers’ attacks. And they’re sophisticated these days, to the point of potentially ruining your business operations for hours, days, or even permanently. But if you take the time to implement a company-wide cybersecurity plan, your network and business data will remain safe.

When NBS implements your company-wide cybersecurity plan, you’ll enjoy routine proactive scanning of your servers and software, state-of-the-art intrusion detection and elimination tools to ensure nothing can penetrate your network, and fully compliant data backup and storage procedures so employees can access data at all times.

Successful cybersecurity plans deliver on two fronts

Awareness & Action: These are the keys to ensuring your safety, and NBS will accomplish both by making sure your firewall, intrusion scanning, and antivirus software run 24/7 to uncover vulnerabilities, and your elimination tools are primed and at the ready to eradicate threats immediately upon detection.

NBS’s Cybersecurity plans include:

  • A comprehensive review of your existing network
  • Analysis of vulnerabilities & possible failure points
  • Cutting-edge firewalls & intrusion detection tools
  • 24/7 scanning with immediate threat eradication
  • Fully compliant data backup & storage procedures

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