Process Design

We’ll help you ensure work flows logically and HR data always stays in compliance.

HR Information Systems keep employee information organized and easy to share. They have a hand in managing data pertaining to recruitment, onboarding, compensation and benefits administration, internal workflow policies, training, compliance, and more. In order to keep such disparate data up to date and easily accessible, your HRIS database must be well-designed.

NBS’s HR process design expertise will ensure your chosen platform incorporates all the necessary HR functions and makes the relevant data available to employees and management on demand. Instead of having to share information manually between different systems and databases, everything will be contained in a company-wide system where data flows logically.

Let us help you create proper workflows

Capturing data on a single platform consolidates workflows and makes things easier for everyone. It will simplify information security, expedite the approval process for a range of employee-related matters, and ensure your data is compliant with local and global (GDPR) regulations.

Customize your HRIS process and complete the following tasks more easily:

  • Keep employee data secure
  • Delete former employee data
  • Access & share employee data
  • Track employee requests & consent
  • Inform employees in different locations


Every phase of your HRIS installation will be handled with expert care

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Your most important software apps will share the same data in real time

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Dashboards & Reporting

Decisions can be made more easily when you track key workforce metrics

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Technical Support

Ongoing support for all your HR systems so you can focus on your business

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