Every phase of your HRIS installation will be handled with expert care.

After you’ve chosen your HRIS vendor and platform, and completed the process-design analysis to ensure work flows logically and HR data remains compliant, it is time for implementation. This will require a round of internal due diligence to fully understand the objective of your new HRIS platform, your users' needs, and the software’s capabilities and limitations.

Your due diligence should take into account precisely what your HR system needs to accomplish, how many phases implementation will require, and how many employees must be accommodated. Understanding scope is critical because HRIS offer a seemingly endless number of functionalities, and implementing too many can overcomplicate things and delay implementation.

We help companies phase in HR software carefully

Chances are your HR department is very busy, so the last thing they need is to have a huge software installation pushed through without an organized plan. NBS will make sure you have one that contains detailed timelines and clear-cut responsibilities.

NBS’s HRIS Implementation service includes:

  • Pre-installation planning & checklist
  • Outline of goals & benchmarks
  • Fully-compliant data migration
  • Comprehensive features testing
  • Documentation & employee training


Your most important software apps will share the same data in real time

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Dashboards & Reporting

Decisions can be made more easily when you track key workforce metrics

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Technical Support

Ongoing support for all your HR systems so you can focus on your business

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Vendor Selection

We’ll help you choose the right platform from the wide range of options

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