Your most important software apps will share the same data in real time.

Linking your accounting, payroll, and benefits applications to your HR platform offers several advantages. Chief among them is the fact that integrated data allows users throughout an organization to have access to accurate, up-to-date information at all times -- no more having to manually update information in one system because it changed in another.

Integrating HR with your other systems also ensures faster reporting, improved visibility of key performance indicators across departments, and easier compliance. But HRIS integrations are huge projects that require detailed planning, focused involvement from department leaders, and patience, which NBS’s project management experience will ensure.

We treat every HRIS integration project with care

  1. Detailed planning that keeps your business goals at the forefront
  2. Constant evaluations of progress so the objective remains in focus
  3. Ongoing input from managers & leaders to ensure all aims are met

HRIS integrations provide businesses with an array of benefits:

  • No more double or triple data entry
  • Reduced errors or discrepancies in data
  • Automated employee data collection & filing
  • Significant time savings during report generation
  • Actionable data on employee training & productivity

Dashboards & Reporting

Decisions can be made more easily when you track key workforce metrics

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Technical Support

Ongoing support for all your HR systems so you can focus on your business

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Vendor Selection

We’ll help you choose the right platform from the wide range of options

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Process Design

Work will flow logically and your HR data will always stay in compliance

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