Dashboards & Reporting

Decisions can be made more easily when you track key workforce metrics.

Attracting, developing, and retaining talented people is a fairly involved process. Most companies use software to help them recruit, train, and evaluate their employees, which provides them with a whole lot of data in the process. But collecting data is one thing; putting it to good use to help your company improve and grow is quite another.

Your HRIS software will include an analytics piece to aggregate data and reveal trends and outliers. NBS can show you how to customize the analyses, view the results on an organized HR Dashboard screen, and produce reports highlighting the KPIs most relevant to your business so you can make data-driven decisions on your workforce.

HRIS systems present actionable employee data

NBS will show you how to use the information contained in your dashboard’s neatly arranged charts and graphs to generate reports that managers and leaders within your organization can use to improve recruiting, training, and employee evaluation.

NBS’s HRIS Dashboards & Reporting expertise will help you:

  • Determine which workforce KPIs to measure
  • Customize dashboards for a clear view of data
  • Establish benchmarks and monitor them closely
  • Use those metrics to develop future course of action
  • Generate reports that managers and leaders can use

Technical Support

Ongoing support for all your HR systems so you can focus on your business

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Vendor Selection

We’ll help you choose the right platform from the wide range of options

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Process Design

Work will flow logically and your HR data will always stay in compliance

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Every phase of your HRIS installation will be handled with expert care

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